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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  August 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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have a baby. >> you had that issue. >> 20 minutes of torture yesterday on the decent to washington dulles. oh, goodness. okay. >> she misses the ipad. all right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. the a. late night for people in arlington county and a meth lab forces people to evacuate an apartment building. tropical storm isaac is gaining strength in the gulf right now as the people of new orleans brace for this storm. good morning, everyone. i'm an gie goff in for eun yang >> welcome to "news4 today." it is tuesday, august 28th. tom kierein joins us now. we've got a sticky start tohis t tuesday. >> yeah. clouds over the metro area now. we do have showers beginninging to move in. along the front that's going to rescue us by later today. but right now it is triggering some showers that are moving in
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to our far western suburbs way out there in loudoun county and in frederick county, northern montgomery county. farther south and west in the shenandoah valley. this is tracking off to the east-northeast. perhaps in about another hour or so. between now and then it's goin to be steamy. all around the region we're in the 70s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county is the low 70s. much of southern maryland away from the waters and low and mid 70s as is the northern neck. much of the eastern shore. farther west behind the front it's not much cooler but it's getting dryer. lower humidity moving into western maryland and out in central west virginia where it's down into the 60s. the lower humidity beginning to move in. it's going to be a welcome change. it will be moving in during the arch. the low humidity. some of the showers by 6:00 a.m., north and west of washington, the low 70s.
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by noontime, some of the showers might hold together south and east of washington. but elsewhere, clearing up from west to east into the mid 80s noontime. upper 80s mid afternoon. heading back home from work and school late afternoon, we'll have the lower humidity with a bit of a blustery northwesterly wind and back down to the mid 80s. danella has look at your first 4 traffic now on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> good morning, tom. traveling, i-95 near joplin road. just moved to the right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open in this area. but expect some delays as you make your way towards the accident. want to slow down and take a look. i-270, it looks really good. northbound as well. southbound, as you make your way to the beltway on both directions not seeing any road work or accidents to warn you about right now and your volume
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is very light. we will be taking the metro, marc, or vre, i'll have a check of your rails in ten minutes. angie, over to you. new this morning, police are investigating a double shooting in columbia heights. the shooting happened just before 2:00 in the morning along sherman avenue. one man was shot in the twchest. another shot in the arm. both were taken to the hospital. their names and conditions are not being released at this time. so far, no arrests have been made. also today a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty will be lid to rest. the funeral service for adrian morris will be this morning at 9:00 at the wood stream church in mitchellville, maryland. last night hundreds of people attended his viewing. the 23-year-old officer was born in jamaica but he was raised in prince george's county and graduated from eleanor roosevelt high school. he became the u.s. citizen in 2009. morris lost control of his police cruiser on i-95 last monday and died.
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he was chasing two men suspected of stealing purses from cars at gas stations. a day ahead for republicans during first full day of their convention down in tampa. the schedule is shortened by isaac. the official roll call to nominate mitt romney for president will take place tonight. he's expected to accept during the speech on thursday. virginia governor mb mcdonnell will take the stage at 8:00. at 10:00 ann romney will speak followed by governor chris christie in new jersey who will give the key note address. romney says even with the busy schedule their thoughts are these w. those in the pats of isa isaac. >> my thoughts are with the people in the storm's path and hope they are spare of any major destruction. >> romney is expected to arrive in tampa today in order to be on hand when his wife ann speaks this evening. a former potential romney running mate is now being tapped to help the former governor prepare for debates. ohio senator rob portman will play the role of president obama
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during the practice debates this fall. portman has played the role of democratic opposition no presidential ragss in tces in t. john kerry will play the role of romney during president obama's debate preps. bracing for tropical storm isaac. our chief meet rol jury doug took this picture. popular party destination looked more like a ghost town as thousands of residents and tourists evacuated the city. doug will be live from new orleans starting at 4:00 today. meanwhile, dominion power is sending more crews to the gulf region to help restore electricity. about 50 crews and 32 bucket trucks will help with relief efforts. dominion sent about 80 crews to the region over the weekend. pepco also has more than 200 crews in the beautiful ready to help restore power. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein is here tracking isaac and joins us now with its latest
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track. >> yes. this just in. right now it is still a tropical storm. tropical storm isaac is still spinning away over the north central gulf of mexico and the latest indications are that it will maintain tropical storm strength that may not become a hurricane. right now winds are at 70 miles an hour. five miles an hour below hurricane strength. latest track takes it still toward new orleans. that will be arriving perhaps by dawn tomorrow morning. right in new orleans. but making landfall in southern louisiana by late tonight. the impacts on new orleans are going to be storm surge. that's going to be the main problem. that wall of water coming in off the gulf could be as high as six to 12 feet. rainfall could be 6 to 18 inches. the main threat will is going to be flooding. jim? >> tom, thank you. new orleans residents are hoping the city's re-enforced levees will hold back that strong storm surge tom just talked about. nbc's danielle lee is live in new orleans this morning with the latest on preps there.
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danielle? >> good morning. if you look behind me you will notice canal street is pretty empty. that is not just because of how early it is in the morning. it was a lot like this yesterday. it's because people are going home. they're taking the storm seriously and they're getting ready for the storm. i want to show you something else. if you walk along canal street you will notice that very many businesses have put out sandbag and other precautions ahead of this storm. very many people are concerned about flooding. throughout louisiana, especially in those low-lying parishes, people are putting out sandbags. they're boarding up their homes. people have been loading up on gasoline and many people have been evacuating ahead of this storm. they do not want to be caught off guard. more than the winds, the biggest fear here is the flooding because just a heavy rain can lead to flooding within this city. as you know, this will be the first big test of the city's $14 billion improvements to their levee system. a levee system that failed in 2005 when hurricane katrina hit. that areality has a lot of people on edge.
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reporting live, i'm danielle lee. back to you. the time is 5:07, a tradition at penn state football games is no more this morning. and what's being blamed for an unexpected wake-up call to force dozens of people from their homes in arlington county. plus, talk about a brain drain. the impact marijuana use in teens could have on their mental health. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking changes that may have you planning a little time outdoors.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. sun not up. we got a ways to go. when it does, i wonder how hot it's going to be out there. >> i know. it's already feeling so muggy as we tick off our tuesday. meteorologist tom kierein is standing by with our forecast. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. we've got showers on storm team 4 radar. it's showing up in loudoun county, northern montgomery. far western howard county, frederick county. heading east. it will be in the metro area in an hour for haymarket in prince william county. might have lightning there but probably not. early afternoon, sunshine brabing up in the mid 80s and hour by hour for the whole region will have lower humidity
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moving in during the afternoon. highs reaching upper 80s. a bit of a blustery northwest wind by late afternoon back down to the mid 80s. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. now a look at your first 4 traffic this tuesday morning with danella. >> thanks, tom. if you're taking metro, single tracking. this is on the orange and blue line between eastern market and new carrollton. over to brunswick east, seven-minute delay on train number 87 0. vre not reporting delays that the time. outer loop of the beltway, this time in virginia at georgetown pike. had road work set up. only the left lane was getting by. it's now clear. travel lanes are open. jim and angie? >> danella, thanks. we're learning more about a shooting at a maryland high school. what a father says drove his son to begin shooting. plus, the game day tradition plus, the game day tradition in happy valley nap penn state
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right now police in arlington are investigating a possible meth lab. this is happen inside an apartment building along north monroe street. tracee wilkins is live there with the very latest. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, angie. we do understand the investigation is continuing and charges pending in this situation. only one vehicle left now. far different picture from what it looked like a little while ago when we were live. there's only one emergency management vehicle left as they are done with their hazmat investigation here and moving into the next phase of all of this. this is what it looked like earlier here at the virginia square plaza apartments in the 00 block of north monroe street in arlington. just after 10:00 p.m., police were called to a third floor
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apartment here for domestic disturbance call. while in the apartment the police noticed something that seemed like a hazmat situation and got out of there. he caught fire. the fire department officials tell me that they entered the apartment and found what appeared to be a working meth lab and called for the hazmat units and the bomb squad. they set up a command center and evacuated the second, third, and fourth floors of the apartment building. a little after 1:00 a.m. they allowed the floors on the second and fourth to go back in and the third floor was also held back a little bit but now we know that everyone live ng side the apartment building has been allowed to return and they hazmat situation has been taken care of. at least two people who were inside of that apartment were taken in for questioning and at least one person brought out in handcuffs. we don't know what's going on but from what we understand, charges may be pending. tracee wilkins, reporting live in arlington, news4.
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>> thanks. extra police will be on hand this morning at one of maryland's largest high schools after a shooting on the first day of class yesterday. that happened in the morning inside perry hall high school in baltimore county. the 15-year-old suspect is in custody. police say he fired a shot done in the cafeteria hitting a special needs student. a guidance counselor stopped the teen before he could do further damage. >> something hit the ceiling. i don't know what it was. we heard it. then as soon as we heard it again, i got up. i grabbed my stuff and ran out. i didn't know what it was. >> at last check the 17-year-old victim is listed in critical condition at the hospital. he was the only one hit but not tin tended target. today a gathering of victims' families in colorado, loved ones of the 12 people killed in a mass movie theater shooting last month will appear in public together for the first time. the group is expected to read a statement and take questions from the media. james holmes, former ph.d.
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student, is accuse of bursting into the theater and opening fire killing 12 and injuring another 58 people. six u.s. soldiers will face administrative punishment after the burning of korans in afghanistan. the punishment will likely end their military careers for the four officers and two noncommission officers. the investigation of what one sailor was dropped. if february's incident sparked large protests outside military base in afghanistan, more than 30 people died. military officials have said the service members did not know they were burning the muslim holy book and afghan workers recovered the korans before they were destroyed. the retired navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about taking part in the raid that killed osama bin laden could face charges. the pentagon and cia are now investigating whether he is releasing any classified information. the author wrote the book using the fake name mark owen. the book titled "no easy day"
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will hit shelves september 11th. more fallout from the penn state sex abuse scandal. a student tradition at home football games will be done away with. ♪ sweet carolina >> the altoona mirror reports that neil diamond's classic song "sweet caroline" will no longer be played. the university officials are apparently uneasy with some of the lyrics like, quote, reaching out, touching me, touching you, end quote. the song has been a staple at games for years. former assistant coach jerry sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse in june. the white house is ordering flags fly at half staff on friday. the day neil armstrong is laid to rest. the astronaut's family and friends will hold a private service near armstrong's home in cincinnati. there have been talks of a national memorial service but nothing has been confirmed yet. armstrong died saturday of complications from heart surgery. he was 82 years old. the time right now is 5:20.
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taking a look outside and behind us, a little bit of a muggy start. >> uh-huh. and still dark out there. tom kierein is here with your latest forecast. tom? >> that's a live view from our nbc4 hd city clouds in washington. west of washington, knot of washington, getting showers here in montgomery county. that stretches across the potomac into loudoun county and farther south and west it breaks up along the blue ridge and central shenandoah valley. this getting closer to the beltway. but right now 270 is getting wet from frederick all of the way down to gaithersburg. and route 50 and route 7 coming in from the west and northwest of washington getting wet as well. those showers should be right in the metro area, perhaps in another half an hour. right now in the low to mid 70s. it's muggy all throughout the metro area. upper 70s right near the bay. farther west behind the rain, lower humidity moving into the mountains. temperatures there in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. now here's how things are going to be look for the next few days. storm team4 four-day forecast.
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30% chance of passing showers this morning and south and east of the metro area by midday. and otherwise, a clearing sky through the afternoon. highs reaching mid and upper 80s. low humidity moves in. and gorgeous summer weather on wednesday, thursday, friday. not too humid. morning lows 60s, afternoon highs mid 80s. thursday, may be near 90. then perhaps some of the realm nans of isaac affecting us over the weekend, maybe late saturday night, early sunday morning. passing showerses are possible. and then less humid and getting a bit cooler as we start off next week on labor day, looking nice. and now, do nell la, how is traffic? >> if you're taking a metro, first4 traffic report will start on the rails because i am seeing some delays. rail work -- traffic work is slowing you down. and if you're taking the blue line, single tracking toward eastern market. all the way to new carrollton. expect delays in broet directions. over to the roadway traveling
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along 50 in maryland. nice and clear. no accidents to report. volume very light. here's a live look as you approach 301 heading westbound and eastbound. again, travel lanes are open. light volume inside the beltway. here's a live look past 410. continuing inbound, no issues to report. nice travel speed, nice and clear. above speed at 59 miles per hour. slow down. rain is coming. give yourself extra time if you're about to leave your house in about an hour or so. jim and angie, back over to you. a hoax turns deadly. a man who is apparently trying to make drivers think he was bigfoot has died. >> he was hit by two cars on a highway over the weekend. the accident happened sunday night in kalispell, monday a that. 44-year-old was wearing a military style gilley suit. the suit is full body suit resebling foliage and to camouflage military snipers. he was hit by two cars and died on the scene.
5:24 am
>> his friends say he used to dress up in the suit trying to get people to call in bigfoot sightings. police are now awaiting toxicology results to see if he was drunk at the time of that accident. >> too bad. new study out this morning suggests marijuana may be particularly dangerous for teenagers. researchers say teens who spoke marijuana regularly are more likely to suffer a long-term drop in their i.q. they say people who became frequent pot users after the age of 18 didn't have the same i.q. dip. the study is especially alarming because recent surveys show that about one in ten teens in high school say they smoked pot at least 20 times a month. packing too many pounds around your waste can damage your heart. the so-called fat around the organs of the abdomen is bad for your health. researchers at the mayo clinic found belly fat increases the risk of dying of heart disease than just being obese. they found the risk of cardiovascular death was nearly
5:25 am
three times higher with normal weight people with fat belly fat. this morning giant food is recalling mangos because of sammon nell la concerns. the recall effects splendid products -- daniella mango, excuse me. giant says they are aware of illnesses reported in canada connected to the recalled mangos. you can take any unused mangos and your receipt to any giant store and get a full refund. well, it appears that graham will be the kicker. the team cudd kicker yesterday as it trimmed roster to 75 players. this will be his fourth season with the burgundy and goal. the redskins also traded cornerback kevin barnes to the lions in exchange for a draft pick. they'll have to finalize their 53-man roster by this weekend. remember, you can catch the redskins' final preseason game tomorrow night right here on nbc4.
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action starts at 7:00. you can still help us out with our backpacks for kids drive. we will have a phone bank today at midday and news 4 at 4:00. you can make donations to buy more supplies and backpacks at all you have to do is search backpacks. already we are going to be donating more than 3,000. >> that's amazing. i know you've done your part a couple of weeks ago. that was a big effort. coming up, at 5:26 on "news4 today," getting back to business in tampa, the message you can expect at the republican national convention. plus, we're watching tropical storm isaac as this storm approaches hurricane strength this morning. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking a few showers over our area. what you can expect when you head for the door.
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looking at stories making headlines right now. a lot of people are preparing to steak the stage at the republican national convention ramps up this morning. disturbing call to an apartment in arlington has police investigating a potential meth lab at this hour. family, friends, and colleagues will lay to rest a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm jim hanley in for aaron
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gilchrist. >> i'm angiegoff. feeling a little bit of that yumt out early though. >> we are. tom kierein, is it going to get worse before it gets better? >> it's going to be steamy. be prepared for that for the morning rush hour. also, you're going to need an umbrella as we do have showers moving in from the west. right now getting some moderate showers right near leesburg to near gaithersburg. it is advancing to the east. storm team 4 radar showing it breaks up a bit farther south and west of loudoun county. a few scattered showers along the blue ridge and central shenandoah valley. just beginning to arrive in bethesda and now just coming in to great falls and reston and it's going to continue to advance off toward the metro area over the next half hour. so things are going to be getting wet over the next half hour. right in the metro area. at 76 at reagan national. all these areas in yellow are steamy, humidity, and trps in the 70s.
5:31 am
the areas in green, some of the lower humidity moving into the mountain now in the upper 60s. here is your hour-by-hour day planner. by 7:00 a.m., steamy humidity and low 70s. and the metro area and moving in west to east. and then noontime, during the afternoon, some showers may linger east and south of washington. otherwise, partly sunny. upper 80s. low humidity. blustery northwest wind for the rest of the afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes. danella has a look at your first4 traffic. >> thanks, tom. right now i'm checking bridges in our area. if you're taking the key bridge outbound, utility work happening at m street. as you make your way outbound across the bridge you are able to get through but you have to follow direction as you're making your commute. please just approach with caution. let's head over to the 14th street bridge. camera is blurry. it's not the rain, it's just blurry. travel lanes are open. checking northbound travel speeds, you're about 59 miles per hour. 12 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. jim, over to you.
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the republican national convention kicks into high gear today after an a abbreviated kickoff yesterday. events are scheduled for late into the night because of the weather-shortened week. mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan arrive today. tracie potts joins us now live from tampa with more on what we can expect. tracie? >> hi, jim. good morning, everyone. i want to show you where the local delegation is going to be sitting. over my right should ir, see where that tv area is set up, they're going to clear that out. that's where the d.c. delegates will sit. just beyond that, to the left of the stage, maryland. way over on the other side but in a pretty prominent spot, second back, the virginia delegates. speaking of virginia, i had a chance to talk to northern virginia state rep barbara comsto comstock. she is going to be speaking today. governor bob mcdonnell also going to be speaking here on the stage today. they did get under way yesterday, gavelled in for just a few minutes because, again,
5:33 am
everything had been postponed as a result of this storm threat that never really ended up being serious of a threat as they thought here. so it just lasted a few minutes. and the convention gets under way in earnest today. what you want to watch for tonight, two big speeches here at the rny. ann romney is going to be speaking at her husband, the softer, kinder, gentler version of mitt romney. talking a little bit about her experience with her husband over many years. and also tonight, probably a very colorful speech from new jersey governor chris christie. he's been here talking about that speech, saying that he turned down a speech assistant that was offered to him to the rnc. he said, no, thanks. i think i can hand that one on my own. they are the key note speakers tonight. >> he's given a view. all right. have fun down there. as tracie mentioned, virginia governor will also speak today but he is not the only mcdonnell taking the stage
5:34 am
this week. his daughter jenen will also have the honor of addressing the rnc crowd. the 31-year-old who served in iraq as an army platoon leader will introduce senator john mccain around 8:00 tomorrow night. a fellow veteran who was wounded in combat will join her on stage. jenen mcdonnell has been in the spotlight before campaigning for her father and singing the "national anthem" at his 2010 inauguration. we do have a m praing note about rnc coverage for you. tomorrow "nbc nightly news" will air a half hour early at 6:30 p.m. so we can bring you the redskins preseason game against the tampa bay buccaneers at 7:00. then nbc news coverage of the republican national convention, including congressman paul ryan's speech, will air immediately following the game. for his part, president obama is back on the campaign trail today. and hoping to get college students on his side once again. he starts at three-state college tour. the first up, iowa state
5:35 am
university in ames. he will address strunts there around 1:00 this afternoon. then he will head for ft. collins, colorado, to speak to students at colorado state. president will finish up his tour with a vis t to charlottesville tomorrow although he won't be speaking on the come pus of uva. tropical storm isaac could strengthen into a hurricane. isaac is churning in the gulf of mexico right now. forecasters expect it to make landfall along the gulf coast late tonight. the storm has sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. and many new orleans residents are worrying about the storm surge isaac will likely bring. city leaders say they are confident their levees will hold back that surge. meanwhile, check out some of the devastation isaac has already caused. this is vero beach, florida. the national weather service says a tornado triggered by dozens of homes. thousands of floridians are still without power this morning. fortunately we are not getting
5:36 am
any reports of serious injuries. stay with news4 for the latest on tropical storm isaac. chief meteorologist doug is in new orleans and will be live today starting at 4:00. you can also track the storm and get the latest information online at two spots vein that moa spo mothering are facing child neglect charges today after they say they found them living with their eight children in a filthy home. they say the house was filled with rotten food and animal wastes. child protective services took the kids away from her three children and lamb's five. they are now living with their grandmothers. animal control also took away seven dogs and two cats. a baby taken from a hospital in la plata, maryland, is back in the hospital this morning. police tell us the mother of the week-old-baby took the child from civista medical center without permission last night. we're told the mom does not have custody of the child. the baby is now in the custody
5:37 am
of child protective services. it's not clear yet how the mother was able to get the baby out of the hospital. the time right now is 5:36. straight ahead, why drivers in the district could soon catch a break even if they are caught speeding. plus, staying wired even in midair. why you may eventually have more access to your phones in flight. plus, storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking changes that could mean a break from the humidity, next with weather and traffic on the ones. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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"and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. it's going to be a while before you can use your ipad, smart phone during an entire flight. the faa is beginning to study the use of electronic devices during air travel and will release its recommendation in march. right now passer jers have to shut off all smart phones and computer when's the plane is below 10,000 feet because worries signals from the devices might interfere with electronics in the cockpit. the faa says allows cellphone use during flights is not under consideration. >> we don't want to hear people yapping away in the air, right? speaking of the air, feeling steamy out there. >> it's thick out there, tom kierein. >> i thought you were going to say, speaking of yapping. thank you.
5:41 am
>> you're tom. >> good morning. there's capitol hill under a cloudy sky. live view from nbc4 hd city camera. showing showers in the western northern suburbs. passing through the metro area over the next couple of hours. and then by noontime, maybe some of those south and east of washington, otherwise a clearing sky and lower humidity moving in. mid 80s noontime. beautiful late afternoon with lower humidity. a bit of a blustery northwest wind. how is traffic now, danella? >> if you're taking metro, still seeing delays on the orange and blue line due to rail work and single tracking in this area. delays in both directions. over to the mark. 11-minute delay this time brunswick east train 870. the rain is coming down on i-270. definitely seeing it in germantown as well as delays. details in ten minutes. jim and angie? thanks. time is 5:41. when we come back, people around the region preparing to honor the life of a fallen police officer. plus, why it may soon be
5:42 am
plus, why it may soon be harder to find some of samsung'
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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today family, friends, and officers will say a final good-bye to a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty. the funeral service for adrian morris will be this morning at 9:00 at the wood stream church in mitchellville, maryland. megan mcgrath joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, angie. relatives say a adrian morris always aspired to be a police officer. in fact, he joined the police explorers group when he was just 15 years old. he lived that dream for 2 1/2 years as a member of the prince george's county police force. sadly, his life and career were cut short last week when his cruiser crashed while pursuing suspects in a theft. yesterday hundreds of people
5:46 am
attended officer morris' viewing in beltsville. he's been remembered as a dedicated police officer. someone committed to helping the community. they say his death is a loss to those who served. >> when you lose a police officer, especially in this type of senseless death, that you really -- you feel it in your heart. i drew up in prince george's county. >> now, a final viewing will be held at 9:00 this morning at the wood stream church that's on lottsford road in mitchellville. we are expecting a large crowd this morning. that could cause some traffic issues. there will be rolling road closures as the hearse leaves the church following the service and heads to the cemetery. there is going to be a procession from the funeral home in beltsville here to this church as well in mitchellville. again, rolling road closures. they are going to be using back roads to try and minimize the impact. if you're driving through the area, you may be stopped as long
5:47 am
as perhaps 30 minutes because, again, we are expecting a large crowd. this is expected to be large motorcade and procession. it gets under way later on this morning. reporting live in mitchellville, megan mcgrath, news4 6r7b8g9s in the day ahead as well, d.c. councilman tommy wells will be holding a hearing. wells is not against the cameras themselves but he tells news 4 the fines that go up to $250 are too high. by comparison, violations in montgomery county are $40. last year cameras in the district generated more than $50 million. wells plans to oppose the legislation to lower the fines after the meeting with community and applicants. today d.c. mayor vincent gray will unveil his plan to clean up elections in the district. the major will unavailable his campaign finance reform plan. the washington examiner's reporting a plan will include ideas d.c. attorney general
5:48 am
nathan has been promoting. that includes limiting contributions from people looking to do business with the city. today's announcement comes just a week before one of gray's former aides who is convicted in the ongoing mayoral campaign scandal returns to court for a status hearing. a new twist inside the home michael vick once used for dogfighting. the new owner is facing animal cruelty charges. he opened a dog sanctuary at vick's former dogfighting compound in virginia. she says she is shocked to learn about the charges and has not been contacted by authorities or serve with warrants. animal control officials dispute the claims. nfl quarterback michael vick spent 18 months in federal prison for dogfighting. a run-in with a rabid foxeded with one woman hurt and a police officer in the hospital. police say a woman in ft. washington reported the animal had bitten her. the officer shot and killed the fox when it charged him but also
5:49 am
accidentally shot himself notice leg. we're told his injuries are serious but not life threatening. this morning we're hearing from a bethesda mother who survived a hit and run crash while riding her bicycle. a warning her injuries are so bad she's reluctant to even show her friends. jody grant rode her bike friday morning when a driver struck her on mass hachusetts avenue and lt her bleeding and unconscious on the road. she doesn't remember much. >> it's really sad and hard to explain to my friends, to my two little girls, how someone could leave their mom bleeding, unconscious, in the street. >> montgomery county police are looking for a dark blue late model minivan with damage to the driver's side. anyone with information is urged to call police. the district can continue installing new smart meters in taxicabs while a lawsuit to stop the installation makes its way through the legal system. a judge ruled the d.c. taib
5:50 am
taxicab commission can proceed with its verifone system installation. the new device comes with a credit card reader, gps technology, and a small tv monitor. the d.c. council approved a $35 million contract with the verifone company. companies that did not win the contract are suing, citing the bidding process was flawed. if everything goes as planned, all 6500 cabs will have the new smart meters by the end of the year. gambling giant mgm is betting some big money on bringing a sixth casino to maryland. the company is contributing $2.4 million to four maryland jobs and schools. that's committee supporting maryland's expanded gambling package. it is just the start of what is expected to be a multimillion dollar campaign on both sides. four maryland jobs and schools already started running radio ads and a television campaign will begin this week. voters will make the final decision on expanded gambling in november. the martin luther king
5:51 am
memorial is celebrating its first an versusry today. the memorial opened last august and its organizers are celebrating the occasion with a special program tonight. it will include several speeches and a screening of the movie "the long walk home." that program begins at 7:00 and it's free. will they have good weather for it? that's the question. >> the sun was shining out there and for the services tonight around 7:00, what's the word? >> beautiful. lower humidity. but not now. it is still steamy. relief is in the way but it's coming in the form of showers along a cool front first and then we'll get low humidity. right now areas in green, storm team4 radar satellite image showing areas of light rain from front royal to leesburg and across the potomac. gaithersburg. these are heading south and east just now coming into fairfax county and southern montgomery. just about to come into washington over the next 15 or
5:52 am
20 minutes or so it's going to be getting wet right in washington where it's still steamy in the mid 70s. low 70s in montgomery county. arlington, fairfax, prince george's county. mid 70s. upper 70s right near the day. much of southern maryland. to the west, though, low humidity moving into the mountains. many of the regions in west virginia, are now down around 70 degrees with that low humidity beginning to move in. for your morning commute, 7:00 a.m., showers moving through. cloudy south and east. showers in the metro area still steamy. low and mid 70s. for your lunch hour by noontime, some sunshine breaking up. we will have maybe a few lingers showers zhou and east of the metro area, upper 70s and low 80s. mid afternoon, upper 80s. by 5:00, back down to the mid 80s. breezy and less humid with lots of sunshine by late afternoon. and then tomorrow morning, down to the low 60s afternoon highs mid 80 was sunshine. beautiful summer day tomorrow and again on thursday with low humidity. then on friday, getting a little
5:53 am
hotter. a little more humid. highs near 90. it's rather steamy for the weekend. highs 80 saturday and sunday. might get some tropical showers. maybe from the remnants of ace sack on saturday. perhaps late afternoon and evening perhaps early sunday morning is the timing on that now. the very latest on isaac's track and intensity. that's coming up at 6:01. danella has a look at traffic now. >> good morning. thanks, tom. checking your traffic report, i-270. wet pavement and big delays. we haven't seen this kind of volume this early in some time now. 270 southbound at 109. heavy on the breaks in this area. delays start around 80. right now after you pass clarksburg road you look pretty good as you make your way towards the beltway. just a little underspeed but you're not jammed in gait thursdayburg. let's look at i-66 eastbound at the rest area. seeing volume in this area as well. pretty sluggish for you as you make your way to centerville. no accidents though. now, a live look at fairfax
5:54 am
county parkway on i-66 as you head eastbound and make your way to the beltway. your travel speed in this area, about 60 miles per hour. just 11 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. i'm bag with a look at your rails. jim, over to you. >> danella, thanks. some astronauts may be preparing to spend a whole year in space. nbc news has learned the nasa plan on doubling the length of some astronauts and cosmonauts missions to a full year. it could be implemented as early as 2015. some doctors are concerned though about the toll it may take on astronauts' bodies. general motors is pulling the plug on the chevy volt. at least for a while. automotive news is reporting that gm will suspend production on the electric car for a month. the automaker says the move is not because of poor volt sales. instead, it wants to turn its attention to production of the new chevy impala. airlines are not the only businesses making money on extra fees.
5:55 am
hotels are set to rake in nearly $2 billion in surcharges and fees this year. many hotels charge forfeitness centers and inroom internet access. a hotel trade group reports nearly a yomembers charge guest for wi-fi access. there is one bright spot, hotels are returning out of new things to charge extra for. samsung gadgets could soon be impossible to find if apple gets its way. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with more. shartia, this fight continues to get nasty. >> it really does. good morning to you. -- apple is definitely looking to flex its muscles against samsung last week, the company is seeking a ban of eight of the rival smart phones, the destroy droid charge, the gal lax xi sls the 2 but the s3 was not infringe on any iphone patents. the judge set a hearing for
5:56 am
september 20th to determine which, if any phones, should be banned. now, samsung says it will take every measure necessary to ensure its phones are available to u.s. customers. and new york's attorney general has reportedly launched a probe of how energy drinks are marketed to consumers. the "wall street journal" reports investigation centers on whether companies deceive to public with the ingredients and health value of the drinks. the probe is looking at monster energy, amp, made by pepsi, and five-hour energy. guys, energy drinks are a $9 billion market. back to you. >> thank you. a new list is out of the most stressful colleges this morning. a "newsweek" survey ranked georgetown university at number eight. harvard came in at number four. number one stressful school is washington university in st. louis. "newsweek" ranked the schools based on debt, social anxieties and other factors. they also considered attendance,
5:57 am
financial aid, and college entrance exam scores. forbesing a mean sought with its list of highest paid celebrities once again. >> and oprah winfrey leads the pack for the fourth year in a row. are you surprised? the magazine estimates win friday earned $165 million between may of 2011 and may of 2012. now, rounding out this year's top five is director michael bay who earned $160 million. steven spielberg came in third, $130 million. jerry brockhimer at 115 million. and music industry producer dr. dre rounds out the top five earning a whopping $110 million for the year. >> imagine if he went to med school that dr. dre, what he would be raking in, huh? >> he's very good about commercializing on all platforms. all right. the test taking place at the zoo this morning that a lot of people have been wait for. if you're about to head to the gym, wait a while before you
5:58 am
go. why it mayhem you lose weight. and some rain around. it is lingering possibly. weather and traffic on the ones, that's ahead.
5:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm jim hand.


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